Connie W.- Professional Decorator

The Woodlands Tx.

Mr. Gamble handled our roof install very quickly. He explained how the insurance process works and showed us how to file the claim. The work was wonderful and now my new roof looks great!

Maria Amador -  The Woodlands Tx.

I didn't even know my roof was damaged until Mr. Gamble was referred to me through a friend.

After meeting with my Ins. Adjuster, he informed me of the approval and installation was quick. He had it done in only one and a half days.

Mr. & Mrs. Jameson -  The Woodlands Tx.

I had already been turned down once with my Insurance Company when Edward came to my door and ask about replacing my badly hail damaged roof.

I told him about how I felt when he assured me that he had been in the business for a long time and thought it was worth getting a second Adjuster out. Sure enough, the first Adjuster wasn't very thorough and the second one approved full replacement after Edward did his diligence and turned over his pictures of the hail damage to the second Adjuster. We had a new roof in two days.  

Ms. Angie T.  Spring Tx.

I appreciate Mr. Gamble very much for all the hard work that went into getting an adjuster out after weeks of no response.

after about 2 hours on the roof with my Adjuster, we had approval to replace my roof.

Mr. Gambles roofers completed the rather large job in about 3 days. 

My house was on the market and sold in just a short while after the new roof was installed.

Thank you for working with me so much on details.

Thank you also Cody!